Real Betis Legends/Best Ever Players

Over the last century, a number of the best players to ever grace a football pitch have called Real Betis their home. The Seville-based club take their name, ‘Betis’, from the name the Romans gave to the nearby Guadalquivir river, a river that runs through the heart of Seville and provided the inspiration for the Roman name for the province. The ‘Real’ prefix wasn’t added until 1914, when King Alfonso XIII gave the club his patronage.

Real Betis have won the league title 3 times, most recently in 2005. The club has recently signed a lucrative deal with easyMarkets, an online broker – this sponsorship agreement will mean that the easyMarkets logo will soon be visible on the official Real Betis kits. In return, the club will receive two million Euros a year. Could this new deal give the club the shot it needs to propel itself back to the top of the league? Only time will tell.

With spirits and hopes for the club higher than they have been, now seems like a fitting time to look back at some of the key players that have made Real Betis into the club it is today.

Jose Ramon Esnaola (Spain)

In 1965, Jose Ramon Esnaola joined Real Sociedad and was instrumental in helping them climb back into the First division of Spanish football, catching the eye of Real Betis scouts as he did so. In 1973, the club finally signed him as a player – a move that paid off in 1977, when Esnaola stopped three penalties, and scored one himself, winning the Copa Del Rey cup for his new side.

Esnaola stayed with Real Betis until 1985. While he never won another trophy with the club, his performance in the ‘77 cup has cemented his place in the club’s history.

Antonio Prats (Spain)

Another legendary goalkeeper, Prats appeared 338 times for Real Betis in La Liga during his 12 season stint. During that time, he helped carry Real Betis to victory in the Copa Del Rey and in the 99-2000 season, he scored a couple of free kicks against Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. These two goals have made him a bona fide club legend.

Fernando Varela (Spain)

From 1997 to 2006, Fernando Varela appeared in 257 games as a right back or right midfielder. During his 11 seasons playing for the club, he scored 13 goals. His illustrious career continued outside of Real Betis and he is often credited with playing a key part in Real Betis’ Copa del Rey cup win during his stint at the club.

Denílson (Brazil)

When the left winger joined Real Betis in 1998, he was the most expensive player in the world. However, he proved to be worth every penny and is still regarded as one of the best dribblers the game has ever seen. His career outside of Real Betis was exemplary; he was a key part of the Brazilian national team in the late 90’s and helped them to a World Cup win in 2002.

Real Betis has a long and proud history of nurturing some of the most talented players in the whole game. It’s been 14 years since Betis topped La Liga, so they are long overdue for another league win.


7 types of group workout that will boost your health

Working out has many benefits, both for our minds and bodies. It doesn’t only help to keep you fit, but it also helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle and can improve mental health too. But let’s face it, keeping up with an exercise regime in the long term, can be hard work, not to mention boring at times.  If you’re at the point where you’re having to drag yourself to the gym, you’re in need of some motivation. Group workouts could be just the thing.

Group workouts can bring a real boost to your motivation levels and make all the difference when you’re wavering with your workouts.

Working out with a group of others is more fun, and it fuels your determination to stick at it to the end. In a bid to switch up your routine and keep your fitness focus, we have listed seven group workout routines in this guide that are bound to get you back on track.


Cycling is a great, energising fun workout when done with a group of other people and it produces many  health benefits all at once. Although cycling is an exercise known to many as a way of strengthening the legs, it’s health benefits stretch far beyond just the legs. Cycling is also a great form of aerobic exercise. Intense and continuous cycling can significantly raise your heart rate and get blood pumping around your body.

It also greatly increases the flexibility of your joints and ligaments. If you want a whole body workout that leaves you feeling like you really have achieved a calorie burn, then you need to try out cycling. Cycling also provides an effective route to strengthening your core, and firming up any wobbly areas. Your arms are also getting a workout during the entire session. It’s a workout that makes you work but when you workout as part of a group, the push of others will keep you motivated.


Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise available. Although many have taken time to master moves at home alone, it’s no substitute for the expert tuition of a qualified yoga teacher, and the motivation and social benefits that can be gained from practising the ancient art of yoga as part of a group.

Yoga helps you stretch your joints and muscles which can give you greater flexibility and relief from all manner of aches and pains. A good yoga workout awakens your whole body and helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle if done regularly. Not only does it contribute to improving your physical health, but it also benefits your mental health too. It keeps your mind and body in sync. And you don’t even need to be a gym member to take part in a yoga class. Any yoga group, whether it’s in a church or village hall, or someone’s house can give you the same benefits.


If you are looking for something a little bit more intense and more challenging, give boxing a try. Boxing is another great whole body workout. The beauty of boxing is that you don’t have to do it alone. You can train with a group and it becomes a social activity too.

As an added advantage, you get to improve your confidence, your resilience, your coordination, and build your strength, amongst other things. It’s a total body workout that goes beyond the stunts, and the heavy blows you see on TV.


As gentle as it might seem, hiking is one of the most effective workouts you can do. The longer the distance, and the steeper the climb, the better. With hiking, you can significantly raise your heart rate, have a good aerobic workout and burn lots of calories. Hiking is more enjoyable when you walk socially with a group of people; you can talk as you walk. You can explore different areas of the country, take in some awe-inspiring scenery, increasing your distances over time and beat the blues too as walking is brilliant for mental health.


The endurance obstacle workout is a great way to connect with your inner playful self and get fit at the same time. What makes this so much fun is that you get to do it with a group of like-minded people. The exercise involves overcoming a series of obstacles and requires both your body and mind to be engaged. The results of this excellent cardiovascular workout are a raised heart rate, burned calories, improved mental health, improved endurance, and a smile on the faces of all those in your team.


Rowing is another excellent way to improve your health with a group of people in a social environment. It serves as a great way to build strength in your upper and lower body, and is more effective than bench presses or using dumbbells in isolation. It is not only focused on your arm and leg muscles though. Rowing improves the condition of your entire body. Having a partner beside you might influence the number of rounds you go per session, so it’s a good one to buddy up for.


With self-defence classes, you are bound to break a sweat. You need to learn how to move, and learn when to dodge a punch, as well as good positioning. All of these help you with keeping your mind alert and helping keep your joints and tissues flexible. The reason why this is a recommended group workout is that the learning is in two directions. You can learn from both the instructor and from other students. It’s a great workout for mental health too.

These are some of the best group workouts you can try to help you improve both your mental and physical health. The categories of exercise in this guide go from simple to intense. It all depends on what you feel you can take. So if you want to be healthy, and need some motivation to do so, you should try working out in a group.


Sports Is Important But So Is Safety.

Safety comes first no matter what. Whenever you are taking part in any kind of sport, you need to make sure that you have all the things you need for your safety because if you hurt yourself then you will not be able to play for long, so if you want to stick around then taking care if your safety is really important.

For those who play cricket and are really passionate about it knows that how important it is to have a helmet on when you are playing it or else you can hurt yourself badly and it can cause you a serious injury as well. So, if you are looking for some really great cricket helmets, then I might be able to help you. Here are few of the best cricket helmets, which are easily available in the market but if you want to know more then you can visit this website, which is; Anyway, have a look;

  1. Gray Nicolls Atomic Helmet:

People have given 5 out of 5 stars to this helmet and have written some great reviews about it as well and have also recommended it to others as well. This helmet might look a bit costly but trust me that it is absolutely worth it and is a one-time investment. It promises to provide extra protection and it is really comfortable as well, player will be really comfortable wearing it. It also comes with adjusting chin straps, so that the player gets the right support. It is available in three colors and comes with sweat absorbing and foam padding.

  1. SG T20i Cricket Helmet:

It comes with a hard shell so it gives full safety to the player, it is stable and a solid helmet, which will help you to protect from hard shots. It is designed in a way that it keeps the helmet col and sweat free as well, it has a whole ventilation system which helps you to stay focused in your game. This helmet is light weight so it is easy for the player to carry it.

So, if you ask me hen these two are the best cricket helmets out there, they are a bit costly than others but if you buy them once, you do not need to buy another one for a long time. Check out these two cricket helmets, then make your decision.



Why Brandon Drawz Swimming Believes It Is Not Like Any Other Sports?

Swimming has always been considered to be an active Sport which includes sufficient cardiac exercises helping the athletes and sportspersons keep themselves fit. It is compulsory for them and makes sure it is a part of their training session. However, those who take up swimming professionally has got a unique relationship with the sports. There is a love-hate relationship between the swimmers and the sports swimming. Apparently, it doesn’t mean that they love at times and hate at times. But what they do is they both love and hate the sport at the same time. Since the practice sessions get rigorous every single day, the swimmers get elated when any of the courses get canceled. But just keep them out of the game for a stretch, you’ll find them getting frustrated with themselves.

For Brandon Drawz swimming has been a passion, and he couldn’t even think of a single day without it. However, he has accepted the fact, which at times, also he loses his calm and feels like leaving the game once and for all. But, he can’t. Apart from this, there is something unique notice between two swimmers. It hardly takes a minute for a swimmer to get friends with another. This is one of the reasons why Brandon believes that there is something different with the Sports.

The logic is quite clear, and you can’t blame it to be irrational at all. Since a major portion of the day is spent by the swimmers on land, they ought to get close to have minimal discussions. Also, Brandon believes that the way these swim meets are run contributes a lot to building the friendships in between the swimmers. During these swim meets, the swimmers have to sit in the tents or the bleaches for hours together and wait for their event to come. Man is a social being, and he cannot live long all alone. Even accompanied practice even helps in fostering the relationship between two simmers.

It is an accepted truth that the work ethic of the swimmers is the best in the world, and once reaches to the elite level; the swimmers have to work for at least twenty-five hours a week. This might be common with other sportspersons as well, but while the kids join the basic club level, they need to practice for almost twenty hours a week. Even those who have reached nowhere near to the national level championships need to dedicate the same amount of the time that a national level player does. Swimming does take a lot of time and dedication, and this is what classifies its work ethic.

Most of the male swimmers have to go through a tan line progression for their skin, and dealing with them is a tough job, and for Brandon Drawz swimming will take this much of time from all professionals. Enjoy the game to make the most of it, and achieve success in style.