Whether you’re looking to host a golf outing as a fun team-building activity at your company or to raise money for a charity or local organization, it’s a great way to spend a day outside enjoying yourself. The more fun activities there are on offer at your event the better time players will have and the easier it will be to fill your slots. Here are four simple ways to up the enjoyment of players at your golf tournament.

1) Contests of Skill

Longest drive and closest to the pin competitions are common at golf outings for a simple reason — players love them! By adding a few skill-based competitions to your event, in addition to rewards for the lowest total score and best handicap scores over the course of an entire round, you give your players something to shoot for and create fun memories for the golfers whose groups have a player who performs exceptionally well (or exceptionally poorly.)

2) Prize Drawings

While skill-based prizes are fun, not every player is going to feel like they’re truly in the running for them. A simple way to keep everyone engaged with the possibility of winning a prize is to include some random drawings that everyone is eligible for just by signing up for the tournament. This lets everybody feel like they have a chance to walk away with a reward, whether they’re a scratch golfer or playing their first round.

3) Fundraising Raffles

One of the best ways to raise money with a golf outing is through an end-of-event raffle. With golf tournament raffle prizes participants get to buy tickets to participate in a drawing, usually held during the banquet. Raffles can bring in large amounts of money for your organization or charitable cause when bolstered with enticing prizes.

4) Go All Out on After-round Fun

Not everyone who attends a golf outing is even there for the golf. Some attendees will view the time on the course as just the leadup to the fun of socializing and enjoying a nice meal at the banquet. The decisions you make for your banquet can make or break the event, so make sure you get excellent food and refreshments and plan some entertainment, as well.

Prizes and contests are an important part of any successful golf outing. They make it so that everybody has something to look forward to, and help to provide participants who win with something to take home that leaves them thinking well of your company. Consider adding a few of these options to your next outing. Your players will thank you!

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