The pace of advancement in the field of IT starts after the invention of the computer. After that, we see a lot of new products in the market related to computer or advanced IT projects. After that, the innovation of the internet makes this pace of advancement more aggressive. Companies start producing new products which we can operate with the help of internet. The main source behind the success of smartphones was also internet. Because when Apple first launches its Smartphone it gets flopped because people think it’s a misfit with the current market. Because that time internet is not so common and no app is available for smartphones. But now we see a lot of apps related to Smartphone which make their use more useful


There are a lot of social media apps on the internet which helps people to connect with each other in more innovative ways. One of which is snap chat this application is not like other social media apps it is more secure and used for private updates. You can send a picture to your friend on it put a story of your daily routine which cannot download through any channel and get deleted after 24 hours.

So that’s why the young generation mostly used this app to share their updates with their love ones. This app has plenty of filters which you can use in your story while making it. These filters make your pictures more excited and beautiful.


There are several countries in the world which put restrictions on social media apps because according to them it is a total waste of time. But don’t worry if you are living one of that country you can use snapchat vpn to get access to this social media application. snapchat vpn make it easy for you to get it access without being in noticed on the internet.

So what is VPN it is a virtual private network which is used to make your activities secure on a public internet platform? So what they do in VPN they use tunneling technology and encrypt your data at sending end and decrypt it on receiving end. By doing so no one can find out your IP address location because VPN also encrypts your address.

Pure VPN installation steps:

So there are some simple steps by following which you can install Pure VPN in your system. The things which you need before that is an internet connection, supportive device and account on Pure VPN paid or unpaid.

  • First, install the Pure VPN software on your device or computer
  • Go into settings and add VPN connection on your device
  • This required some information from your side fill those bars and add it.
  • Then give user name and password to your account and save it
  • Then you see a VPN icon on your device
  • Then click on connect option to connect Pure VPN with your device
  • It will take a few seconds to connect your connection once it has done with it you can access any website from your device.

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