If you are in charge of any type of competition or prize-giving event, you may be wondering what the best thing to do is. There are several different ideas an event could do for their reward. It depends on what the event is for deciding what the best thing to do is. Here are a couple of different things that can be given away as prizes or awards.


Trophies are often used as awards in sports. They are good for team games as you can award the winning team with one big trophy instead of needing something to hand out to multiple players. They can also be used for individual events and can be created to mimic the sport. For instance, golf tournament trophies can be fashioned in the form of a golfer taking a swing.


A fun way to hand out prizes is through giving set packages. Whether it be a basket full of goodies or an all-inclusive trip somewhere, these are exciting things for people to get. These are good for raffles and auctions as people can choose what they would like to have. It’s also fun for someone to win something that includes multiple things rather than one award.


Prizes that are good for game shows, small gatherings, or all-age events are money ones. This ensures winners, no matter their age, will be able to use their prize. Different amounts can be given to the runner up contestants as well. If you do not have a fund for this money to come from, you can charge each contestant who wants to be in the event and divvy up the winning sums from there.

Next event you are in charge of, think of these popular gifts and determine which one would work best for it. No matter what you decide, your contestants and winners are sure to be grateful for receiving some sort of prize.

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