Swimming is such a pertinent course that would benefit your child. That is why almost every parent today is looking for a good swim school where their child can get the best lessons. Not every school has the right programs and sufficient facilities for your child. Therefore, whenever you are looking for a school, you must inquire about the lessons therein. You need a place where the instructors are well trained, friendly and with a passion for the young people. Why would you take your child to a swim school where the instructors look tired and de-motivated?

Continue reading and see some factors that you must consider when choosing a swim school


Before you commit your child to a swimming program, you must find out whether there is a supervisor or a lifeguard on the deck every time the lessons are going on. If that’s not the case, it is a reason enough to keep you off from such a program. Without this arrangement in place, you could be risking the life of your child-thus you’d better keep off. Again, you need to find out the student-teacher ratio; a ratio of 4:1 is recommended to ensure safety. Ideally, the lesser the number of students assigned to a teacher; the easier it is for them to ensure safety. Check also if the persons manning the facility have Lifeguard certificates and if there is AED in case of emergency.  The staff also must be trained on how to handle emergency cases. You would rather keep off a school that doesn’t have enough safety measures in place than risking the life of your child in a funny swim school.

The facilities

Walk to the swim school facilities before you get your child admitted to the swim school. Find out if they have the right things in place, if the space around the pools is enough, whether the facilities are enough and most importantly the number of instructors compared to the kids. Does the facility look clean and the surrounding? Most people overlook a very pertinent issue like the PH level of the water in the pool. Give chlorine, PH, air quality and such a second thought before you enroll your child- pools can be hazardous if there are no precautions in the handling of chemicals. You don’t want to get your child into a program that is going to risk their health.

Are the instructors motivated?

Imagine leaving your child with someone who has not been paid for some months? It is as dangerous as exposing them to poison. Whenever you get to a Swimming training school, talk to several of the instructors and get to hear their experience in the school. Some will try to hide their feelings but you will ultimately get a general feeling.  It is risky to leave your child in the hands of a de-motivated instructor.  The level of motivation of the teacher will determine the experiences that your child will go through during the lessons.

Choosing a swim school is one of the things that you must be careful with. Your child will need the best environment, with the best instructors who are knowledgeable, experienced and motivated to do their work. Get a reputable swim school like https://worldwideswimschool.com/ that will ensure that your child gets the best of the swimming skills, with the best facilities, instructors and all the necessary equipment.

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