A kitchen island can improve the functionality and aesthetic of your kitchen area. Islands provide additional space to prepare food, store items and accommodate seating. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, you may want to determine the type of island that would work in your space. Islands can be portable, which can be helpful in a small kitchen setting. Permanent islands are more costly as they are generally larger and require installation.

Rolling Kitchen Island

A butcher-block cart is one of the most popular types of rolling islands. With the proper wheels for carts installed, this island can be used in small kitchens and can double as a serving cart. Most have open shelving for storage. You can buy a rolling cart ready-made or have one custom built for your space.

Small Kitchen Island

The difference between a rolling island and a small island is the lack of wheels. Although small enough to still be movable, it’s a more permanent addition than a rolling cart. They can have foldable extensions and rarely require remodeling. If you want a dedicated pastry surface, consider covering it with a marble countertop. When you’re kitchen is short on space, a small island can be a welcome addition.

Double-Tiered Island

This type of island is often large and can be used to divide the space in an open floor plan. The taller tier is typically bar height, allowing you to add bar stools for extra seating, while the lower tier is more suited to food prep.  

Full Kitchen Island

Often in the middle of the room, a full kitchen island is a permanent addition. With the ability to run electricity and water pipes, this island can be used to provide extra cooking areas and house sinks. Many full islands have a large amount of cabinet storage and loads of counter space to give you plenty of room to prepare meals.

Cabinet Kitchen Island

This easy-to-build option uses base cabinets on the bottom with a stone slab placed on top. If you’re doing a complete kitchen remodel and are replacing cabinets, you can use the old ones to build this type of island.

Kitchen Table

While technically a table, some interior designers consider a table placed in the center of a room an island. You can use this as an informal eating area or a workstation.

Islands can be extremely useful in a kitchen of any size. Measuring the layout of your current kitchen can help you decide what type of island would work best for you and if you need remodeling to make it happen.

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