The entertainment industry is one of the largest industry who had a great presence in all regions of the world. Different local and international industry players are famous in their region and other regions as well. But as we all know all businesses are always about generating profits. So some shows or channels which produce great content and have following all around the world change their broadcasting polices. There are many channels or programs which are free in one region and the people of other regions have no access to them or paid to watch these programs.

National Broadcasting Channel:

NBC is one of those channels whose broadcasting is restricted in several other regions. NBC is one of those channels who had almost every show super hit and had its following all around the world. Most of the shows which we see in other regions are copied from NBC like America got talent there are several other countries which are doing this show with their country name. But as we all know original content had its grip on its audience so it remains popular.

You can watch NBC free of cost if you are living in the USA but it is not free in other regions of the world. So everyone cannot pay a monthly subscription to watch this channel broadcast in their region. So what they do is they use nbc vpn option to access its broadcasts. So here a question came up in mind what is VPN.


VPN stands for the virtual private network and it’s used to create a safe connection on a less secure network like public internet. So how it works it is using tunneling methodology in it so what they do is they use this tunneling technology and encrypt data on sending end and same way using the same technology decrypt it on receiving end. Along with that they increase the level of security by encrypted originating and receiving network addresses.

So VPN provides great support to a businessman who moves around the world and needs access to every website. Some regions restricted some websites in their region but businessman wants to access them from any point of the world so they use VPN for that purposes. The same way the people who want to see NBC shows use VPN to get access to them free of cost. For that, they use pure VPN or watch nbc on roku.

Pure VPN installation steps:

So there are some simple steps by following which you can install Pure VPN in your system. The things which you need before that is an internet connection, supportive device and account on Pure VPN paid or unpaid.

  • First, install the Pure VPN software on your device or computer
  • Go into settings and add VPN connection on your device
  • This required some information from your side fill those bars and add it.
  • Then give user name and password to your account and save it
  • Then you see a VPN icon on your device
  • Then click on connect option to connect Pure VPN with your device
  • It will take a few seconds to connect your connection once it has done with it you can access any website from your device.

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