If you recently purchased a handgun, you’ll likely be eager to buy a full array of accessories to go with it. While there are tons of items available on the market, a few items are must-haves.

Concealed Weapons Holster

A concealed weapons holster lets you carry your gun with you safely when you leave the home. Designed to hide your firearm under different clothing types, this accessory keeps your gun close at hand yet safely tucked away. Depending on the type of holster, the gun may go inside the waistband, be tucked into a belt slot, or use a different configuration.

Note that while a few states allow you to carry a concealed handgun, most require a permit. You can even get a multi-state permit for concealed carry. Be sure to check out the requirements in your state and other locations where you may need to have your weapon with you..

Secure Gun Safe

You need a safe to store your gun when not carrying it. The safe should have a lock so intruders or unauthorized users in your household cannot access it. Having a safe also gives your gun and its ammunition a measure of protection in the case of a house fire. You might consider a safe with shelves or compartments inside to help you organize your ammunition and tools.

Extra Ammunition

An expert at a gun store or firing range can walk you through which types of ammunition work with your particular firearm. It’s a good idea to practice at a firing range with your ammunition so that you are comfortable with it. Then be sure to stock up so that you have a comfortable amount on hand.

Firearm Cleaning Kit

In order to keep your gun in top working order, you have to give it some periodic maintenance. Buying a kit appropriate for your gun is often easier than trying to purchase individual cleaning tools and supplies. Make sure your kit includes solvent and gun oil, which can help keep your gun operational for decades to come. You can find online tutorials and instructions on the best way to maintain your weapon. Cleaning the gun periodically or on a specific schedule can help you maintain safe usage of the gun.

With gun ownership, the real power lies in preparation. With these four important items, as well as proper training in gun use and safety, you will be primed for your journey as a gun owner and enthusiast.

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