Running can be a strenuous activity for you, especially when you are not used to it. You will feel tired and breathless after running just one round and feel like you couldn’t go one for another round. When you finish running, you may find yourself having a headache. Now, you are wondering why you have this headache. Will you have a headache every time you run? How can you fix it? The following are 5 reasons why you have a headache and migraine pain after running.

Exertional Headache

Exertional headache can happen as a result of a strenuous workout. The headache will come to you when you are running or just after you finish running. Exertional headache is a pulsating pain that usually lasts for 1 day. If you feel too strain during exercise, it may last for a longer period before going away. During this time, you will want to avoid all kinds of strenuous physical activities so that the headache can go away faster. If you have a heating pad, you can apply it on your head to open up the blood vessels.


Dehydration is a condition where the body loses fluid, and you did not drink enough water to fix this problem. Dehydration is a common problem in exercising when you sweat a lot. Therefore, when you are going running, remember to take a big bottle of water with you. When you are thirsty, drink from the water bottle to replenish the lost fluid. Dehydration can increase your sense of thirst, reduce urine output and have dry mouth. You can also drink a sports drink to restore the electrolyte level in your body.

Too Much Sun Exposure

You will want to avoid running in the afternoon because too much sun can cause a headache. Not only that, the heat of the sun will burn your skin, and you will suffer from skin problems afterwards. If you live in a room that constantly gets direct sunlight, you will also find yourself easily getting a headache when just getting a bit of sun exposure. This problem can be fixed by not spending most of your time in the room every day. Instead, try spending time in other areas of the house that is low light and cooler. It is suggested that you take a cold shower and eat ice cream to cool down your body.

Tight Muscles on Neck and Shoulder

Running without doing warm-up exercises first can lead to tight muscles on the neck and shoulder. This can turn cause you to have a headache after running. Some of the warm-up exercises you can do before running include high knees to heel kicks, squats with hip rotation, and straight arm circles. Besides doing warm-up exercises, you can take ibuprofen to release the tension on your muscles.


Another reason why you can have a headache is a low blood sugar level. The sugar in your blood system is called glucose. Glucose will be converted into energy if you did not eat enough. You can get hypoglycemia if your body is burning through glucose to produce energy for you to run.

Headache is a symptom in hypoglycemia. If you see yourself having this symptom, you should start consuming something that contains carbohydrates. It will fix you up for a few minutes. You should regularly eat a diet containing complex carbohydrates to recover from hypoglycemia.

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