The commerciality of water sports continues to increase with new activities popping up all time, but it also a more excellent knowledge and safety awareness. It is not about discouragingly people from participating in water found activities. Still, alternatively, water sports inspire people like you and me to sink in all aspects of new recreational fully, so they can follow them with confidence, with minimum chance and enjoy them to the filled. Water sports such as bodyboarding take place in a wide variety of environs including out at sea, beach, lakes & in rivers, and streams. The scope of Kayaking in Abu Dhabi & water sports activities is myriad & different safety concerns will arise depending on the activity.

What are sports in simple words??

Sport’s is an athletic activity that involves a degree of confrontation, such as netball & basketball. Many games & some kinds of racing are called sports.  Lots of people play sports with there friends. They need some coaches to teach or train teams or individuals how to do better.

What types of water sports are there??

  • Swimming
  • Cliff driving
  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Dragon boat racing
  • Water skiing
  • Sailing
  • Jet skiing
  • Water polo

Are water sports popular in UAE Nowaday??

The famous water sports in the UAE is Kayaking. Seeing that just about everyone I know learns it at a young age & they usually enjoy doing it as a recreational activity.

Which is the most famous Club in UAE??

International Marine water Sports Club is a world-famous venue for powerboat racing and the driving force behind the highly successful squad Abu Dhabi. The club is one of the Middle East’s popular places for marine sports events at local, public, regional & international level. The club champion new events by providing facilities and organizational expertise’s.

Why are Mangroves important in UAE??

Mangrove forests in the UAE are essential for birds house. They help avoid the erosion of the shoreline and are a rich source of food for many species of animals & insects. The Mangrove National Park is a massive forest protected by the UAE authority. Mangroves water park aid people weather the impacts of climate change, but they also help reduce its causes. For the UAE & with boosting sea level rise. Mangroves are necessary because I hope they will play an essential role in protecting our shorelines from erosion.

Brief Guide 7+Water sports for kids where they enjoy a lot

There are many theme parks and beaches where you can enjoy with your whole family. Some of this includes:

1. Al Majaz Splash Park

2. Aquaplay

3. Fahrenheit Beach Sports

4. Splash Pad at The Beach, JBR

5. Wild Wadi Water Park

 There are 7 different water Sports for kids that will get your kids outside and active on the water this summer & winter.

  1. Nature hunts


Nature hunts can be a fantastic way to spend a few hours side by water. We find ourselves out on a nature hunt during that rough late afternoon/early evening timeframe when it’s too rapid for bed, but the kids don’t wear yet. That’s a beautiful time to go out for a nature hunt if you have some water close by.  We’ll go for a walk or ride bikes to the beach or cove & the boys will search for crabs, bugs, turtles, snail, birds etc. They’re never disheartened. There are some benefits, including a lowering in stress, improved tie of Vitamin D, increased physical & cognitive development. The game is an easy method to exercise younger toddlers, encourage a healthy lifestyle & foster an early interest in science and the environment.

Entertainment Time: 20 minutes

Energy Expended by Child: Moderate

  1. Parasailing


parasailing in Abu Dhabi might be the perfect water play for you. Parasailing & paragliding are must-try experiences that you cannot leave without. A parasail is a specific parachute that is directed by a boat. It climbs with the speed of the ship and floats in the sky, giving you panoramic views of the entire city.

Crossing heights above to 500 Feet, there is nothing wholly like swimming in the silent sky, generally above the cyanic waters of stunning Corniche Abu Dhabi. The bliss, freedom & happiness of your first parasailing experience is something that will stay with you forever! The type of Parasailing which allows you to safely take off and land from on-board not off the beach or from a swimming barge. It’s like flapping a kite with a fishing pole.

  This Water sports Location:

Parasailing in Abu Dhabi (UAE)


For single AED 200, Double AED 300, Triple AED 350.

  1. Fly Fishing


Flyfish is one of the highly demanded water sports activities in the UAE. Its inflatable is E-shaped, and up to two people can be strapped on to it safely. Its one of the most inexpensive water activities while not reducing the adventure part. While fishing glory does not seem like much exercise, it’s an all survived physical activity. Casting, standings & reeling in fish all combine to provide a low-contrast total body workout. Fly fishing is mostly beneficial for one’s mental health. The mentally helpful ability of the sport is attributed mainly to the natural surroundings that anglers find themselves in term fishing. In addition to the benefits of living in a natural setting, fly fishing gathers you with a break from the everyday life’s hustle and bustle.


Captain Tony’s is an authorized company in Abu Dhabi that lets you charter a four-hour private fishing tour of five persons in the morning or late afternoon at AED 1,600.

  1. Diving


Atlantis Palm is among the best hotels and attractions, and Aquarium Diving here is the ultimate water sports. The aquariums have over 65,000 marine animals including manta sharks, rays & fish. Its one of the world’s largest aquariums and is attractively themed to give you a once in a lifetime experience. There are some diving packages for beginners to experts & even non-swimmers. Travelling to the East shore will add 90 minutes to both sides of your diving day. The health advantage of deep breathing techniques are numerous, and studies show that deep yogic breathing is extremely useful in handling anxiety, depression and stress-related disorders. (also look health benefits of yoga) moreover, deep breathing stimulates your lymphatic system, which is an essential part in the elimination of toxins from your body.

 When to GO: 

Diving is possible year-round in the UAE, But water temperatures take around 71°F/21°C in the winter, and air temperature can reach 122°F/50°C in the summer.

 Where to do: 

UAE Abu Dhabi

Average Cost: 

  • price for open water: AED 1,250 per personage
  • price for the newest open water: AED 1,050 per person.

  1. Jet skiing


A ride on a jet ski in Abu Dhabi is one of the best water sports you can try out in the city.  It’s a part of the enjoyment. Health experts also consider jet Ski riding in UAE when you regularly try to be a very healthy activity.

Below are many different health benefits of everyday jet ski Riding: improve endurance, Relieve stress.

Located: Abu Dhabi

Valuable Price: 1100cc Jet Ski for either 30 minutes at AED99 or 1 hour for just AED149.

  1. Swimming with Dolphins


The demand for swimming with dolphins and other interactions with dolphins significant increased in the 1980s and 1990s due to the happiness and learning that human beings experience while swimming with dolphins. This venture may help to treat depression in humans. They have a group of small islands in the shape of the world. They also have a zone-of-the-art dolphinarium at the Atlantis tourist. Come to UAE for any reasons  But don’t forget to swim with the dolphins! Swimming with dolphins in the ocean reduced stress levels and increased feelings of wellbeing. 

  Location:  UAE

  Cruntly cost:  

For foreigners: Rs. 13, 942 -17,778 

UAE Residents: Rs. 11, 210

  1. Wakeboarding


A wakeboard is almost to a skateboard on which the rider has both their legs strapped on to the board which is pulled along by a motorboating. Water sports are a perfect way to get fit & involving swimming as well as the physical exertions of doing the venture itself.  Swimming is a too recommended form of exercise, helping us to set muscles, get the heart pumping & while placing little or no tensility on the joints. Helping you stay physically healthy, water exercise, including wakeboarding is perfect for improving mental health. 

The UAE are an excellent spot for wakeboarding and wake surfing. It is a combination of snowboarding, water skiing and surfing techniques.  In this exercising major muscle groups, including your arm, shoulders, legs and torso, wakeboarding can help you improve your coordination & adaptability. Wakeboarding is one of the zippy growing water sports & can enjoy with the whole family! 

Yeah, it’s not for just families who benefits from choosing wakeboarding as their water sport! Wakeboarding in the UAE is a fun activity for you and your friends & family too, so come along & enjoy the sun, sea, and wakeboarding.

Where to do  Abu Dhabi UAE

Average Cost: 

It’s all of the ages, including special classes for adults from as little as AED200 per. 30-minute wakeboarding sessions costs AED 250.  it’s AED 450 per hour & AED 500 on weekends or public holidays.

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