Guns require the utmost caution and preparedness, If you’re a concealed carrier or a hunting enthusiast you need to know the ins and outs of how to protect yourself and others when in the presence of these firearms. So, when you decide to look into getting gen5 glock pistols, here are some safety tips to keep in mind.

Watch Your Ammunition

Keep your firearm unloaded at all times other than when you need it to be. This greatly reduces the chances for accidents wherever you have stored your firearm. While this reduces the likelihood of accidents, as a responsible gun owner you should treat your weapon as if it was loaded at all times. This helps keep you in the mindset that avoids bad habits.

Watch Your Aim

Whether your gun is loaded or not, always be careful where you aim it. If you need to point it for inspection, do so in a safe direction where nothing and no one is standing. If you are aiming at a target, make sure to be observant of what’s next to it and behind it.

Clean Regularly

One of the hidden hazards of firearms is cleanliness. Dust and build-up can cause performance problems with your weapon. Not only can an unclean barrel skew the direction of your shot but it can be dangerous for the person holding the gun as well. Make it a habit to clean your weapon on a regular interval and store it where dust and other variables are scarce.

Owning a gun lends itself to personal safety and protection for your family. But, it’s important to practice good rules for safety. Cleaning your weapon is a simple practice with big implications. Develop your aim and learn to be aware of your surroundings. Be mindful of full and empty weapons too, since you always want to have good form when you have it on you.

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