I don’t know if you’ve been kayaking before, but if you had you probably wouldn’t be asking this question. The answer, of course, is “because kayaking is super addictive and great fun!” But that won’t wash with everybody. Some people need a good, solid reason why kayaking is a better sport than, say, soccer. They both have their advantages, but let’s try and convince you.

If you’re asking the question “why should I buy a kayak?” then the chances are good that you are thinking about doing so in the near future. Perhaps you’re not sure if it is a good use of your money, or you’re not sure if you’ll get as much out of this hobby as you thought.

Let me assure you; kayaking is an awesome sport – and here is why:

1 – Great form of exercise.

Kayaking is pretty strenuous work. Don’t get me wrong; it can be relaxing as well if you are just floating down a languid river or on a calm bay on a windless day. Yeah, it can be bliss. But sometimes you want to pick up the pace, and you definitely can work up a sweat with a kayak.

Not only is it a good cardio workout, but I think it has benefits to your endurance and even your strength, especially your upper-body strength and grip strength.

In fact, one of the best ways to get better at kayaking is to get stronger and fitter; the reverse holds true as well.

2 – Lifelong hobby

Kayakers range in age from only a few years old right up to retirement and well beyond. I personally know kayakers in their seventies and eighties. You may think that you need to slow down by the time you get to that sort of age, but no one ever told these guys to slow down.

I suppose the great thing about kayaking is that you can change the intensity based not only on your age but even how you’re feeling each day. Whitewater can be quite challenging, as can rough seas – but if you’re not up to that, you can always go for a relaxing float on a lake, even catch some fish.

3 – Opens up other opportunities

Kayaking gets you out on the water, that’s obvious. But what might not be obvious is the stuff that is available to you with this new found freedom. Where I live there are tiny islands you can only get to with a small boat; there are hidden beaches and coves that have probably seen only a handful of humans for centuries.

Even floating down a river, you see scenery that is hidden from most of the world. It really feels special. On top of that, if you’re into fishing, then you can watch those suckers on the shore catching nothing at all while you’ve got fish practically leaping onto your deck.

4 – Relatively inexpensive & easy to get into

Compared to owning a boat, or a horse, or going on skiing and snowboarding holidays, kayaking is pretty cheap. If you buy a good quality kayak, it will easily last you for many years. My dad has a kayak that he reckons he got at the age of 25 – that’s nearly forty years (sorry dad!). It still floats, even if it needs a little bit of TLC. Considering it’s been in a barn for most of that time it’s not done too badly.

The other thing is that they can be easy to store. Sure, a 17-foot sea kayak takes up a lot of space (but not as much space as a 17-foot yacht, right? Or even a horse!) But if you’re pushed for space, you can have a good quality kayak in your closet or basement. Yes, an inflatable kayak can be good quality – in fact, some of the best experiences I have had on a yak have been on a blowup.

5 – It’s fun

You can tell I’m a bit of an enthusiast. Kayaking is great fun, and so variable. You can see the sea, rivers, lakes. Flat water, white water, rapid currents, still-as-a-mill-pond. It’s ever-changing, and it never gets old.

Happy paddling!

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