5 Industrial Drones To Be Launched in 2017

Drones are aerial vehicles that are unmanned. They are controlled by individuals on land. These devices are used for military purposes, cinema, agriculture, event photography, inspection of roofs bridges, etc. However, these devices are so advanced that they may disrupt the functioning of certain industries in the near future.

The following industries may be disrupted:

  1. Medicines – Transporting life saving drugs, blood, etc. from one place to another is both time consuming and expensive. People often face fatal situations due to delay in delivery of these items. Moreover, rural places suffer more as the roads and means of transportation are less developed. Use of drones makes availability of these items easier.
  2. Gaming and sports – Drones can be used in sports and games as well. Games such as drone racing and drone shooting are fast gaining popularity. Drone boarding is another addition to these innovative sports.
  3. Police and defense – Certain drones are being developed to tackle illegal drones that may be a threat to public safety and privacy. These can be used to track criminals and for the surveillance of any particular area. Thus lessening the burden on the police as well.
  4. Search and rescue – These devices can be sent into places that are not easily accessible for search and rescue mission. They can be used for firefighting or during natural calamities, etc. They take pictures and videos of the area that they fly through, hence informing the controller in case of an emergency.
  5. Logistics – Drones may become increasingly important to shippers and retailers due to their ability to survey and scan the factory work area effectively. They are able deliver reports to the people concerned faster hence, making work more efficient.

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