Setting time apart for exercise in our schedules is becoming increasingly important. If thinking of picking up cycling as part of your exercise routine, then you might be in the market for the best mountain bike under 500 USD. For the features it offers, the 2017 Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike fits the bill.

1.) Full suspension

The 2017 Gravity FSX has adjustable front and rear suspension. Unlike a hardtail bike, the Gravity FSX is more versatile due to its suspension system. This implies it is suitable for riders with back problems, rough and fast descents as well as both hard and smooth trails.

2.) Disc brakes

Equipped with the ever reliable Tektro Novela disc brakes, the bike offers better stopping power than a conventional rim brake bike. These brakes ensure the rider has better control even in wet conditions. Even after a hard ride that bent my rim, the disc brakes were just as efficient in bringing the bike to a full stop with ease. For those that ride in areas with steep descents, disc brakes are the way to go due to their stopping power.

3.) Hydroformed frame

Just like a high-end sports car, the 2017 Gravity FSX 1.0’s frame is manufactured using the hydroforming process. The result is a structurally stiff and strong frame. The frame is also built of aluminum, keeping the bike relatively lightweight. You might come to appreciate this the next time you attempt a steep uphill ride. Also if speed is key, such as when using the bike for services such as delivery, the weight makes a difference.

4.) Varied sizes

The bike comes in choices of 4 sizes (seat tube lengths), 15″, 17″, 19″ and 21″. This also covers riders of different heights. Standover heights range from 26.1″ to 30.5″. To pick a bike that is best for your height, measure the height from inside your leg to the floor and subtract 2cm. The measurement gives you your correct standover bike height. However, those that ride hard trails prefer shorter bikes to those riding smooth trails. Ultimately, ride with what feels comfortable.

5.) Derailleur system

A good derailleur system ensures your bike chain does not move from one sprocket to another unintentionally or out of sequence. Shimano builds both front and rear derailleurs. With decades of experience in building cycling parts, Shimano derailleurs are highly dependable. In conjunction with Shimano EF51 speed shifters, each bike has 24 different speed settings for all the different environments you might be riding in.

In summary, its pros and cons include:


1.) Built from aluminium, the bike is relatively lightweight, making it a bit easier to cycle uphill

2.) Structurally good frame

3.) Durable even for long, demanding rides

4.) Accommodating for different rider heights

5.) Great shock absorption

6.) The Suntour long travel fork with adjustable preload handles roots and rocks well


1.) Suspension by the shock absorbers can at times feel stiff even when preloaded to the lowest setting


There is no better way to think to experience a beautiful day while exercising than to do it outdoors. Bike riding a great way of doing both. However, it need not cost an arm and a leg, unless your up for the Tour de France. For the rest of us, for all its performance features, the Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain bike very well might be best mountain bike in your budget.

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