Your player evaluation tool needs to assess athletes and allow you to determine which players have the best speed, strength and leadership skills. It should help you choose the players that are suitable and will improve your team’s performance. The platform needs to be easily downloaded to your mobile devices and help increase your productivity. It must be available to coaches, scouts and recruiters for immediate use. The tool should be accessible to trainers and consultants that scout for sports players too. 

Your player evaluation tool needs to be fully customizable with up to six categories and 48 evaluation labels that will assess the athlete’s talent and skill level. It should allow you to create a profile for each player and keep them neatly organized. You should be able to keep track of the players mental capacity, character and athletic ability. It must also offer you the option to take videos and photos of each player and add them to their individual profiles. You need to query and sort reports by each player and coordinate them by name, age, grad year and jersey number. You should also be able to sort information by the players’ position, height, weight and add any categories that will assist you with staying organized. 

Additionally, the player assessment application tool needs to permit you to rate each player and rank them. You should be able to compare them side by side, as individuals or as a group for further assessment. You must be able to isolate players for privacy and pull up their information separately from others. You should have the ability to export your data to Excel and create reports and presentations. Having this tool will help you assess players before the new season. It will help with off-season training because you can keep track of each players weakness and strengths.

Furthermore, the tool should be available at a reasonable price and have two options to choose from. It should be compatible with your Windows desktops, laptops and tablets for easy data transferring. The app needs to allow you to cast it to various screens and setup for walk-up tryouts. The sports metrics must already be installed into the app for baseball, basketball, football and hockey. They are set up for softball, strength, conditioning, track and field. You should be able to easily manage your data by utilizing the drag and drop method. 

The app should require 1 license per each device that you own and each user. It must allow you to re-evaluate players as many times as you need and compare your results. The app needs to be password protected and keep your information safe. It should permit you to manipulate reports and hide players statistics when necessary. You should be able to add comments, rank and rate athletes so you can maintain accurate records. 

You need a player evaluation tool that can keep you coordinated. You also want a company to keep you supplied with the latest technological equipment in athletics.

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