Airsoft can be very enjoyable and fun to play when one gets hold of the tactics of playing it. Below are some of the ways you can play airsoft.

  1.    Get the items required

Make up a budget and save up so that you are able to get the required items. There are a number of things that are needed before you start playing this game. These things include;

  • Guns, there of three types. The spring airsoft gun which is very slow as you need to cock it after every shot, the gas airsoft gun which is moderate in speed and the electric gun which is the most reliable and flexible and also a tad expensive than the others.
  • Protective gear like masks, airsoft goggles, chest rig and a pair of waterproof boots in case you are playing in a mushy or wet area.
  • Uniforms- most people do not get them because it is not a must but it can be more fun when you have uniforms on.

In case you don’t want to buy these items, you always have the option of hiring them.

  1.    Create a team

Get a group of people who are willing to play and create teams. You also need to create some ground rules for example, what to do when hit, what certain gestures will mean, how many hits one will take before they go out, etcetera. Also, designate a safety zone where people can go to reload. No one should fire at people in the safety zone.

  1.    Scout for a good play venue

Look for a venue with plenty of space away from public to avoid hitting bystanders or terrifying your neighbors, who might mistake it for a real shootout and call the police leading to an arrest. You can find a private land, but make sure to obtain permission from the owner first. Another good option is to find specialized airsoft playfields.

  1.    Choose the game type

Airsoft can be played in three different styles

  • Last team/man standing style- here you shoot to kill your opponents.

   Objective style- You complete a certain objective like capturing a flag or rescuing a hostage. Whoever completes it is the winner.

  • Military simulation style- the game is story based and the sides are decided by uniforms.
  1.    Play the game

When you start the game, let go and enjoy. Always keep in mind that it’s just a game. There is no need of putting too much pressure on yourself or others. This may kill the purpose of the game which is to have fun.

  1.    Consider cover usage.

Covers are very important in this game. They protect players from being hit and also help when moving around to look for better firing positions. Covers can be things like trees, thickets walls etc. They are two types;

   Good covers-Those that cover your full body for example walls.

  • Bad covers- They don’t hide /cover you fully but are very important in emergency situations. For example trees.
  • Always be on the lookout for potential covers when playing.
  1.    Conceal yourself.

Try to blend with the surroundings by choosing the right colors for camouflage and being as silent as possible when you move about. Take care not to step on twigs which can snap and broadcast your position. This is a very important measure in this game. If you don’t take it, you won’t last.

  1.    Fire accurately

Before you shoot, consider the power of your gun and the distant of the target. Always fire when you are sure that you can hit the target. Pull the trigger slowly, breath out and release the trigger. This ensures accuracy in your aim. If you are using an automatic gun, fire on semi –automatic. For a single-shot gun, know how to load it quickly and how to operate its bolt action. Shoot from the side of your cover, as it makes sure that you stay hidden and therefore hard to hit.

  1.    How to end the game

How your game ends will depend on what game style you decided to play. In one man/team standing style, one person/group has to eliminate the other team to win. In the objective style, whoever completes the objective wins. For military simulation style, the end has to take the form of ending that its book of origin has.

By Airsoft Pistol Reviews Team is a website where you can find all you need to know about Airsoft, and especially reviews of airsoft pistol and guns.

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