India Is Set to Clash With Pakistan in Edgbaston, Birmingham

Whenever the names India and Pakistan are mentioned on the same breath, any modern-day

sports fanatic will pause to look around. This is because these two countries enjoy one of the longest-standing cricket rivalries in the history of the game, popularly known as the Indo Pakistani rivalry. Indeed, any match pitting these two sides, regardless of the stakes, has always attracted billions of fans across the world and most often than not ended up deepening this rivalry despite how close the outcome.

To crunch the figures a bit, the 2011 World Cup semifinal is believed to have attracted a whopping 988 million television viewers, not to mention the 2015 World Cup that sold out just about 12 minutes after they were offered for sale. So, what is it about these two cricket giants that make them loved and hated in equal passion? Well, for those who do not already understand how it plays out, it will take the India vs Pakistan champions trophy 2017 match to realize how far they have come as arch enemies.

This match that will be played in Edgbaston stadium in Birmingham is set to attract more viewers than ever before and indeed is the most anticipated match of this tournament. The 1882 stadium has played host to some of the biggest cricket matches ever, with the most recent one being the 2016 England-Pakistan tie where the Pakistani lost 141 runs on the fifth day of the third test, a win that saw England lead 2-1 in the series. This year, the 25000-capacity stadium will play host to the most anticipated match, the IND vs PAK ODI live. The match will take place on the 4th of June in what many have dabbed an epic battle between the resilient Indians and the resurgent Pakistanis.

The India vs Pakistan June 4th match will indeed shape the direction the tournament will take because any team that emerges the winner will not only take home bragging rights but will have a great deal of psychological boost as it approaches the remaining matches in the tournament.

For all those fans interested in this match, a piece of advice would be to desist from placing bets on any of these two teams because in nearly all of their previous encounters, the matches are known to be too close to call, sometimes decided on technicalities of the game. Looking at the overall history, the Indians have performed marginally better but the Pakistani will not simply watch and see another great event as this tilt in favor of the Indians. For now, we can only hope and pray that the best team wins, even though we individually already have our personal favorites to back.


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