NBA 2K17 Yay or Nay?

Every year many simulation video games are launched. Some of them are completely new whereas the others are a part of the franchise. For every gamer in the world one release that they look forward to is the release of the basketball simulation video game NBA 2K17. It is popular among not only the high level gamers but also the beginners. Moreover, even the sports lovers prefer this game as it gives a very life like experience. So like any other year, this year too the fans of this game were waiting eagerly for the release of this game. So, in this article we will discuss if it was worth the wait or are you better off playing the NBA 2K16 version of the game and look to upgrade in 2018. Apart from the usual aspects of the NBA 2K17 we will also be discussing in detail about some of the other changes which has been introduced in the 2017 version, which includes 2k17 locker codes and the versions of the game in 2K17.


After playing this game for over a week it we can safely conclude that this game is top notch. Not only is it a worthy successor to the NBA2K16 version but it also manages to push the bar up, significantly. This 2K team has really produced a product which is easily the best sports simulator available in the market.

Like in other versions the highlight of this edition too is the career mode, especially the story modes. This time the story mode includes Michael B Jordan along with the character of the player. This is a great addition as this motivates the players through the training sessions.

However there are a few minor glitches in this game too which the team 2K would like to fine tune. These are very small issues like every once in a while during the training sessions the teammate just freezes and does not pass the ball. This can be quite frustrating when it happens more than once.  Another thing that the makers should take notice is that some of the scenes between the justice and Pres is quite blurry. These are the two issues if solved will make the game perfect one.

Changes in 2K17

There are a few interesting changes made in this editons of the game. Firstly, the players are given a taste of the virtual currency when they buy the game in the form of NBA 2K17 locker codes. Locker codes can be exchanged for virtual currency from the website. These locker codes are given by the company free of cost as a thank you to the players while also giving a little taste of what these virtual; currency can do, so that more number of players end up buying virtual currencies.

Another change is that this time two versions of the game has been launched. One of them is called the Legends Edition whereas the other one is the Regular Version. The Legends one is slightly better and slightly more expensive. However, there is not a lot of difference between the two when it comes to the finer aspects of the game.

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