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Rugby is one of the most thrilling sports in the world. Referred to as Football in the United States, Rugby is much more extreme than European football. In it, men are prepared to push to their limits and fight just to push the ball over the top of the opposite line. They thrash into each other, push and tackle and give their best for their teams and their nation.

It’s obvious then to see how difficult it is for any country to reach the top of the Rugby rankings. After spilling a lot of sweat and blood, these teams have given their all to be considered among the top ten Rugby teams in the world.

How the World Rugby Rankings Currently Look?

  1. WALES: 89.43
  2. NEW ZEALAND: 89.40
  3. ENGLAND: 88.13
  4. IRELAND: 87.36
  5. SOUTH AFRICA: 86.83
  6. AUSTRALIA: 84.05
  7. SCOTLAND: 79.87
  8. FRANCE: 79.72
  9. JAPAN: 77.21
  10. FIJI: 76.98

Top of the World: The Dominant Welsh!

Wales have managed to remain on the top of the World Rugby Rankings table following Irelands 57-15 result against England. Wales seized the No.1 spot for the first time in history only this weekend after beating the English team 13-6 during the Six Nations Final. This effort saw New Zealand losing this top spot after managing to retain it for ten years.

The All Blacks had managed to bounce back from a rough defeat in Perth and managed to beat Australia 36-0 in Perth. However, Wales picked up more ranking points because they beat the English team who are ranked higher than Australia on the table.

Meanwhile, Eddi Jones’ men could not go above either Wales or New Zealand, but they have managed to climb past South Africa and Ireland to claim the third spot in World Rankings.

This means that the gap between Wales and England is only 1.30 points!

England is in Top Form!

As the Rugby World Cup begins to appear on the horizon, the mighty English team continues to produce incredible performances against top teams of the world. They managed to raise expectations a bit further after raking their biggest win over Ireland on a hot day in London.

In preparation of the showpiece tournament in Japan, Eddie Jones’ men ran rout against Ireland at Twickenham and won the game 57-15.

The English team was able to take full advantage of Ireland’s misfiring lineout and managed to rake plenty of possession. They seized every opportunity they could get their hands on and didn’t disappoint their fans a bit.

After this incredible victory, the English team has managed to secure over 15 points. They now have traded places with Ireland and ranked third on the World Rugby Men’s Rankings. They have also managed to reduce the gap between themselves and Wales to only 1.30 points.

Meanwhile, Scotland fought France to win 17-14 after tries from Sean Maitland, Chris Harris, and the captain Greig Laidlaw. This is nothing short of revenge by the Scottish team of their 32-3 defeat in Nice only seven days ago. The sides swap places yet again as Scotland replaced France in seventh place in the rankings.

Zimbabwe is in form as well as they have secured a 32-26 win over Uganda. This is their fourth straight victory in the four-nation Victoria Cup. The Sables have now climbed to the 32nd place in the rankings.

Meanwhile, Uganda dropped below the Ivory Coast in World Rankings. Kenya also went down a place as Zimbabwe climbed up on the table. Kenya didn’t get rewarded for their 31-16 win over the much lower-ranked Zambian team.

Mexico Has Reached a Historic High

In a busy Rugby weekend all around the world, Mexico has managed to impress the fans as well after recording impressive performances in the Americas Rugby Challenge.

While Colombia recorded an impressive 83-6 win against the Cayman Islands, Mexico themselves enjoyed a landmark 35-27 win against Paraguay who is ranked almost seven places above them.

This win lifts Mexico in its all-time high ranking of 44th on the table. Meanwhile, Paraguay falls down to their lowest ever ranking of 50th.

Niue also had a cause to celebrate as they returned to the international arena after a hiatus of eight years. They won a hard-fought victory of 19-17 over the Solomon Islands. Although, this result produced no effect on their rankings.

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