Types of bike trainers to cycle indoors

Cycling is a popular recreational activity as well as a form of exercise. It has many health benefits as it helps to reduce chances of illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, cardio vascular diseases, etc. It also helps to improve mental health and frees people from stress, anxiety and depression. However, it may not be convenient for some people to cycle outdoors owing to health or other issues. Bike trainers are equipment that allows people to cycle indoors as the bike is stationary.

Following are the types of bike trainers that are available:

  1. Wind bike trainers – These trainers are the cheapest compared to the other types of trainers. It works on wind resistance and it can be easily placed anywhere in the house. However, this kind of trainer has a traditional design and produces a noise while it works.
  2. Cycling rollers – These trainers are designed in a way that the user has to ride the bike on it rather than having to attach the bike to it. However, it is difficult to be able to balance one’s self on this kind of a trainer. Yet, it allows the user a side to side rocking motion which is an effective form of exercise.
  3. Fluid bike trainers – These trainers are comparatively expensive, but they also provide better results. They generate substantially higher resistance as compared to other trainers. Their design incorporates a fluid chamber inside their magnetic flywheel. The harder a person pedals the hotter the fluid gets and hence resistance builds up.
  4. Magnetic trainers – These indoor bike trainers build resistance by using magnetism to create drag against bike wheels when a person pedals, hence making the person pedal with more force. It is moderately priced and is suitable for beginners.

Potential customers can check Bike Trainer Reviews that are available before choosing a bike trainer.

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