If you have decided to try kayaking, know that to start you must know how to choose the right model. Sea kayak in Italy is becoming very popular, that’s why you need to be able to distinguish the various categories of models.

What to choose to start with

Stability is the quality most sought after by beginners to feel more confident. Therefore, a better start is a boat with a flat and wide hull, with almost right angles between the bottom and the sides, which guarantees greater stability, but at the expense of handling and speed. The flat bottom is used for wide boats with high side edges. They are Canadian spacious, stable and suitable for large loads. On a small boat the flat bottom is very convenient, especially in rough waters.

Kayaking for the river

River kayaks have short waterlines and raised bow and stern for greater maneuverability. They are equipped with a safety cockpit, shatterproof footrests and rounded and voluminous tips to avoid getting stuck and allow jumps. The water lines are always very rounded, but the tip and tail are thinner than the stream model, so as to allow you to ‘play’ with the current on less demanding routes. They are fitted with a safety footrest.

The kayak for the lake

In the lake, in calm waters, a flat-bottomed boat at least 4.50 m long, such as a Canadian canoe, is recommended, as it has greater speed and directionality.

Kayaking for the sea

Sea kayaks today are made of polyethylene or composite materials that make them more rigid and streamlined than plastic. The shape recalls that of the ancient Eskimo models, used precisely to face the marine environment, its longer waves and currents.

We are talking about long models, over 4 meters, which give greater stability and handling and can be further divided into various sub-models depending on the use that will be made of them: recreational, navigation, wave.

Inflatable kayak

Inflatable models are perfect for any type of water surface (sea, lakes and rivers both quiet and winding) and in recent years have been characterized by a number of innovations with many models on the market.

Whether it’s a canoe or a kayak, their main advantage is that they are inflatable: therefore practical to transport, they do not take up space and weigh very little. They can be easily transported in the car trunk, for example, without necessarily having to have a trailer.

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