NBA 2K21 Throwback Moments is a collection that features items representing players at specific points of their careers. One of the latest instances of this collection is all about the Southwest division. This division is part of the Western Conference. The Throwback Moments: Southwest collection includes six items. Five of them are found in game packs. The sixth one is acquired as a reward when completing the collection.

Marc Gasol represents the Memphis Grizzlies. He has a 96 OVR card with the center position. The attributes are 90 outside scoring, 93 inside scoring, 92 defending, 86 athleticism, 64 playmaking, and 92 rebounding. ’01 Steve Francis is another 96 OVR player item card. The player is depicted wearing the Houston Rockets uniform. The item has the point guard/shooting guard position. The stats on the card are 92 outside scoring, 85 inside scoring, 87 defending, 93 athleticism, 86 playmaking, and 58 rebounding. Julius Randle has a 94 OVR card with the point forward/center position. He is part of the New Orleans Pelicans team. This card comes with 84 outside scoring, 87 inside scoring, 78 defending, 88 athleticism, 77 playmaking, and 89 rebounding.’06 Manu Ginobili is a well-known player from the San Antonio Spurs team. His card in this collection has 90 OVR. The item’s position is shooting guard/small forward. The attributes are 83 outside scoring, 79 inside scoring, 74 defending, 86 athleticism, 85 playmaking, and 66 rebounding. ’05 Shawn Bradley completes the Throwback Moments: Southwest collection. The cover picture shows the player wearing the Dallas Mavericks uniform. This card has 89 OVR and the center position. The stats are 60 outside scoring, 80 inside scoring, 80 defending, 63 athleticism, 28 playmaking, and 94 rebounding. Should you collect all these cards, you will get ’74 Rudy Tomjanovich as a reward. This player is from the Houston Rockets. His card has 96 OVR with the point forward/small forward position. The stats are 92 outside scoring, 87 inside scoring, 84 defending, 86 athleticism, 80 playmaking, and 86 rebounding.

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